We mourn the loss of Benevolent team member Kyle Kehus. Gifts to help someone in need will honor his legacy.

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  • Kyle Kehus | kyle@benevolent.net | 773.312.5190

Benevolent Facts

  • Benevolent is a crowdfunding site that lets anyone make microdonations to help low-income individuals overcome one-time economic hurdles 
  • The Benevolent site launched December 1, 2011 in a Chicago-area pilot and has since begun to scale nation-wide
  • The average Benevolent donation is $50
  • The average amount of a funded need through the Benevolent site is $470
  • Needs supported through Benevolent have included: beds, winter clothing, work uniforms, transportation passes, security deposits, eyeglasses, certifications, and computers 

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