Ashley from Chicago, IL

Domestic violence survivor. Help me take driving lessons to move forward.

I want to obtain my license to reach job opportunities, care for my son, and gain the independence I need to thrive.

My need and situation

I am a mother of a 4-year-old son and we're both survivors of domestic violence. I've been taking the steps to obtain a drivers license so that I can travel independently with my son.

My goals are to obtain a drivers license so that I can get around more frequently with my son and run errands. I've done the research on driving schools in Chicago, IL. Amigo offers the best prices and services for my driver's ed. needs. It would be very nice to obtain a drivers license so that I can take my son on nice scenic drives through the city.

I need to take driving lessons at a driving school with a licensed, experienced driving instructor, so that I can obtain a drivers license. I've already obtained a driving permit. I need about 10-20 driving courses at Amigo Driving School.

Meeting this need will help me because I can get to places and work shifts that would other wise be very hard for me to do on public transportation. I want to be able to obtain my license so that me and my son can get around more easily and not have to rely on public transportation. I have also been approved for housing in Kokomo, IN through their housing choice program. When I move, I will need to be able to travel frequently to get my son to and from daycare and myself to work and/or school. There is very limited public transportation in Kokomo, IN, so I am reaching out to you, the public, for assistance with paying for driving lessons. This is my very first time learning to drive. This would definitely help me get around with my son more frequently without limitations. I am working very hard with different agencies on securing employment and a good percent of employers requires a drivers license. I've unfortunately missed out on great job opportunities due to not having a drivers license. Thank you very much in advance!

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This need has been validated by Julie from Lincoln Park Community Shelter

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Validated by Julie from Lincoln Park Community Shelter (What does this mean?)

I have been working with Ashley for almost 2 months now. Since arriving at the Lincoln Park Community Shelter, Ashley has been very determined and focused, identifying her goals and the actions she needs to take in order to achieve them. Ashely is attending an employment training program, performs volunteer work inside and outside of the shelter and is attending counseling sessions related to her being a survivor of domestic violence. I believe being able to obtain her driver's license would boost Ashley's confidence, allow her more independence, and give her greater access to employment.

About Julie

My job title is Case Manager. My work involves providing comprehensive case management services to men and women experiencing homelessness within the Chicago area. My goal is to support individuals in becoming self sufficient, so they can support themselves financially and secure housing. What I… Read more