Darrel from Los Angeles, CA

Getting back on my feet and I want to provide clothing for my three children

By providing for my children I will take another step down the path of responsibility and strengthen our relationship despite our family's hard times.


Thank you! Feb 4, 2013

I want to say thank you to all of my supporters. May God bless you, from my children and myself. Thanks to Matt, Joe, Sally, Valerie, Sandy and the whole PATH staff. And, I can not forget Benevolent - thank you for everything.


Right now, my biggest challenge is not being able to provide for my kids. I want to be able to be there for them more than anything, but faced with homelessness and an injury that prevents me from working for the next six months, I am unable to at this time.

Meeting this need will help me achieve future goals by putting myself on the path to responsibility and will open new doors for communication with my children. It would mean a lot to me to be able to do something for my kids and be able to reward them for excelling despite the hard times our family has been through.

Thank you for your support!

My current situation is that I have been struggling with homelessness for the past year, have an injury that currently prevents me from gaining employment, and would be so grateful for the opportunity to be able to provide for my children as I have not been able to recently. They are wonderful kids, excelling in school, and are deserving of my assistance.

I think of myself mostly as a caring and concerned parent who has faced many obstacles that I am working to overcome. I'm most proud of my three wonderful children and how great they have grown up.

I'm four years clean and sober, I actively participate with AA and NA groups, and am extremely motivated at this time to make a change in my life for the better. 

Thank you for your support!

Need funded!

Thank you for helping Darrel fund this need.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Jo from PATH

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Validated by Jo from PATH (What does this mean?)

I have known Darrel for five months since he has entered the PATH program. 

I think meeting this need is important because it will relieve the stress of his children's needs and allow him to focus on his current goals. 

This will move Darrel's life forward by helping his children with their needs for school. 

About Jo

My job title is Senior Navigator and I have been in this position since November of 2011. My work involves assisting clients with permanent housing. What I like about my job is helping the clients get permanent housing and employed. Other positions I have held at my organization include… Read more

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