Jorge from San Francisco, CA

Low-income college student studying for a tech career. A coding bootcamp will help me get there!

My mother brought me to the US at the age of six from El Salvador, and I'm ready to start a career in tech to bring us both a better future.


I am a student at the City College of San Francisco pursuing an associate degree in business administration with the intent to transfer into a four year university. I came to San Francisco at the age of six from El Salvador and was raised by my mother in the Tenderloin neighborhood.

My goals are as follows: To become a back-end engineer and develop servers and be able to manipulate data. Eventually, I want to become a cyber security expert and join a red team and help companies identify problems in their systems. Hopefully I can start doing this while I go to school so I have a way to pay for college. After I graduate with a bachelor's degree in business, I want to give back to low income communities by setting up programs that will help kids reach academic success as well as developer confidence in themselves.

I need $700 in order to support myself while I go to a coding bootcamp so I can cover transportation cost as well as living expenses. Going to a coding bootcamp will help me on my journey to become a software engineer and potentially land me a job so I can move my mother out of the hood and pay my way through college. Even though these bootcamps are expensive, I will make this $700 stretch the length of the bootcamp.

My mother always taught me that if there is a will, there is a way. Growing up in poverty has made me appreciate every dollar I have ever earned from working, however minimum wage does not cover the cost of school and life in San Francisco. So going through one of these bootcamps would land me a job and help me reach my goals.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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Validated by Leonardo from Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) (What does this mean?)

I have know Jorge Ortiz since the summer of 2015. Jorge has been very pleasant to have around as he has worked with other Mission Techies to learn coding skills. Jorge graduated from the Mission Techies program and is pursuing a coding career. Jorge is a hard worker, responsible, punctual and above all loves coding. Not only does he love coding, but his most recent accomplishment was to be selected to a coding bootcamp. He needs your help to make it there! Any donation will help him to pursue what the loves the most, so I ask everyone to help Jorge out to go to the bootcamp of his choice!

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Leonardo Sosa has mentored over 1,500 youth to become technology ambassadors, and he has trained over 100 instructors on best practices in a technology and leadership curricula across the country since 2003. In 1995 he launched Youth-Net, the first youth technology program serving the Mission. In… Read more

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