Sarah from Berkeley, California

I was displaced by a fire. Furniture will help me re-establish my home base!

After a fire displaced me from my home, health issues have made it hard to rebuild.


Sarah is thrilled to be moving forward. Apr 13, 2017

Sarah fell on some hard times, and had to use her funds to keep her car running instead of getting furniture. She was able to pay a parking ticket, get a smog check and she plans on buying a tire with the remaining money. All the generous donors helped her to keep her car running, which ensures that she will make it all her doctors appointments to continue improving her health. Sarah says, "Thank you to all who donated."

Sarah has gotten some generous donations of furniture and found some good deals at local consignment shops so she has also been able to furnish her apartment!


I believe in paying it forward in life and have received so much in return. I have a welcoming spirit and people often look to me for help. I am an hard worker who is good at following through.

My goals are to be healthier overall in mind, body and spirit. I am also working towards helping provide new opportunities for my grandson. I hope to be able to grow and become much more productive in my new apartment.

I need new furniture for my apartment to make it feel like my own. I was displaced by a fire and then had major surgery and health issues. I am starting over with a new place and can't wait to make it feel like home. I am hoping to purchase a futon as well as a chair and a table.

I have had other apartments in my life, but this is the first place where I feel that I will stay. I want to feel the satisfaction of being settled and furnishings for my apartment will help me do just that. I'm not looking to move anymore, I am looking to grow - right where I am.

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This need has been validated by Maria from Berkeley Food and Housing Project

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Validated by Maria from Berkeley Food and Housing Project (What does this mean?)

I know Sarah through the Shelter Plus Care program at Berkeley Food & Housing Project. I met her when she was first accepted into the program and have been working closely with her for about 4 months. Sarah is an extremely diligent person and when it came to looking for housing in the area, she was at it everyday and constantly calling me with leads. Sarah took responsibility for her own outcome and secured permanent housing. I cannot wait for her to be able to fill it with furniture and take pride in her new apartment.

About Maria

I am a Shelter Plus Care Case Manager. My program serves adults who are homeless and disabled. I work with them to locate and secure housing in the area. Once housed, I work together with the client to retain their housing and thrive. The participants I work with motivate me. Their stories, their… Read more