Reina from San Francisco, CA

My son has inspired me to go back to school. I need help with part of my tuition!

My parents brought me to the US so I could have better opportunities. I'm eager to get my Associates to better support my son & honor their sacrifice.


Reina is going strong at school! Feb 17, 2017

Reina has given us the following update, courtesy of her validator Leonardo at MEDA:

"Hi everyone! Just a quick update: I am enrolled in school pursuing early child development and I am very thankful for the wonderful donations that you guys have made for my tuition. I am very excited to be chosen by Benevolent to raise funds for my school and I hope I can continue to purse my dream with your support."

Reina is thankful for your help so far! Jan 24, 2017

We received an update from Reina, courtesy of Leonardo at Mission Economic Development Agency. Reina says,

"I want to thank some of the funders that have helped me get my need up and running! I am working really hard on getting my education going and I know your donations will mean a lot to me as well. Muchas gracias!"

My need and situation

I was born and raised in El Salvador. I’ve been living in the Bay Area for eleven years now. I am a single mother and recently lost my job after working in the food service industry for the past nine years. Outside of working, I spend my free time with my son: watching him experience new things in the world and doing my best to provide a positive upbringing for him to be successful in the future.

My goal is to obtain an associate degree from CCSF and transfer to a university. If I am able to do so, I would be the first one in my generation to achieve a higher form of education. My son has been the biggest motivating factor for me pursuing this goal. He has inspired me to be the best role model I can possibly be. I love my son with all my heart and I want do this for us.

I need $700.00 for my tuition so I can pursue obtaining my Associate's Degree from CCSF in San Francisco.

This is the first time I’ve lost a job. Knowing that I have my son to take care of, I must further my education and complete my degree. My parents brought me to this country so that I could have better opportunities than they did and I feel now is a great opportunity to make light of my situation and do that.

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This need has been validated by Leonardo from Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA)

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Validated by Leonardo from Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) (What does this mean?)

Reina is been working with me since last year and I know she needs this help to continue to pursue her dream to go to a community college.

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