Grace from Chicago, IL

Starting college, need a computer

I am starting college in the Fall, studying to be a lawyer, and I need a laptop to be successful.


Grace with her new computer Apr 23, 2013

Grace is already using her new computer with her end-of-year assignments, even before she gets to college. Thanks everyone!

Now I'm ready for college thanks to you! Mar 14, 2013

I would like to thank all my donors for this generous donation. With these funds, I will have access to resources for college. Your donation means the world to my family and me. Now, I will be able to achieve my college goals.

Thanks to all of you from Metrosquash! Mar 11, 2013

Thank you so much to all of Grace's supporters! We are very excited and grateful that she will be able to start college with a computer to help her with her schoolwork and research. It has been a real thrill to see so many wonderful people help fund her need! 
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My long-term goal is to become a lawyer - I want to be able to make a difference in people's lives. In order to do that, my plan is to attend Denison University next year in Ohio as a freshman and start to take the necessary courses. In order to be prepared and successful, I am told that I will need a computer for my research and schoolwork. I cannot afford one, but I have one picked out that will be light enough to carry into the classroom and to do homework and research on. The computer is what I need to ensure my success at college, which I am hoping will help me succeed to become a lawyer.

My adoptive mother passed away some years ago, and I was taken in by my aunt. There are 8 of us in the household, and we are low-income. I have chosen to ask for harder schools so I will improve. I did not let my mom's death keep me from trying to improve. I have always been told that education is the best way to get ahead, so that is where I am focusing and my goal is to become a lawyer. I start college next year and I will need a laptop computer to be successful. The college is a necessary step to becoming a lawyer, and the computer is a necessary tool for that.

I am currently a high school student at Gary Comer Prep school in Chicago. I am living with my aunt because my adoptive mother passed away a few years ago. I want to go to college to become a lawyer and I plan to attend Dennison College in Ohio starting next year. I've worked as a camp counselor with children, among other jobs. I have played squash, thanks to Metrosquash, for the past 8 years and I plan to continue. I am most proud of my determination; I feel like I am a person who shows grit. I learn from my mistakes and I never give up. I am most proud of being a learner because I enjoy exploring the world and learning new things; I feel that this helps make me a strong person.

Need funded!

Thank you for helping Grace fund this need.

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Need funded!

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Grace has been involved with METROsquash since sixth grade; I met her while volunteering in 2006. She is a member of our first graduating class and one of our biggest leaders, serving as team captain since 2009. I think meeting this need is important because a laptop is a critical item for college students today. Grace can use this for classwork, research and even at her job during the school year. As a first generation college student, it is important that she has all the necessary resources to ensure she is doing well at school. This will move the recipient's life forward by giving her a basic resource to be successful at college. A laptop is essential for completing work and research at campus; having this equipment will allow her to be more successful in her studies. Grace is one of METROsquash's original team members. As one of its oldest, she has been a true leader for younger students and incredible ambassador for the program. Her tenacity is pursuing her ambitions and overcoming challenges has been a powerful example for others, and I am sure she will continue this trend as the first in her family to go to and graduate from college.

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