Cassandra from Chicago, IL

I'm training to be an Administrative Assistant. Need bus passes to make it to class.

It's difficult to get around in the cold weather with my disability. Transportation vouchers will help me complete my training program.

My need and situation

I am 49 years old and I am taking classes at Center for Changing Lives to get into the Administrative Training program.

My goals are to seek employment working at a front desk and secure permanent housing so that I can leave the shelter I am currently staying in.

I need bus fare to get back and forth between the classes. I also need funds for paratransit vouchers for the upcoming winter because of my disability. It is difficult for me to get around in the cold weather.

Meeting this need will help me because I will be able to get to Center for Changing Lives, take the classes, and get into the Administrative Training program.

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Validated by Kayla from Center for Changing Lives (What does this mean?)

Cassandra has been working with employment coaches at Center for Changing Lives. She is currently taking classes with us so that she can enter our Administrative Training Program. She is determined to meet her housing and employment goals and we're excited to work with her along the way.

About Kayla

I am a Resource and Connection Coordinator with Center for Changing Lives. I work to mobilize resources for and with clients in support of achieving their goals. CCL clients work hard to set and achieve goals that will move them forward and improve their lives and I feel honored to be a part of… Read more