Macaba from San Diego, CA

A blind survivor of torture, I need a computer to get a degree and help others.

I need a laptop designed for the blind that can help me complete my education to become a counselor and help others who are blind.


I can continue my education - thank you for my computer! May 13, 2013

I cannot believe I am going to get a new computer for myself! I almost thought of giving up of asking for help from you but you all came through. I am so grateful to finally be able to continue on with my education. There is no guarantee for excellent future but I will give it a try.Thank you all, I won't let my world, my people, and myself down.


My goal is to get a Bachelors degree in Psychology and to be certified as a counselor and help others like those who have helped me. In order to do my best and graduate with a degree, I will need to be able to take notes, study and communicate with fellow students and teachers. Because I am blind, this will be impossible without a computer designed to help people like me who are blind. Meeting this need will help me to achieve my future goals because it will allow me to communicate and participate in my learning process to the best of my ability. My plan is to finish my Associates degree this summer and then transfer to a university to get my Bachelors degree, and a laptop with tools for the blind will help me to achieve my goals and make my success possible.

As a young girl growing up in Uganda, education for women was not easily accessible. I worked in the fields to earn enough money to attend classes to learn English and eventually graduated. I was able to flee the political unrest and persecution in Uganda and arrive in the United States, but I had to leave my entire family behind. I have persevered to achieve permanent legal resident status and continue my education. Losing my eyesight due to the brain tumor has made achieving my education goals more difficult; studying and communicating are much more difficult for a blind person, and a computer with software tools for the blind is the only way I can be successful.

I am a survivor of torture currently living in the U.S. as a legal permanent resident, previously a refugee. Growing up I worked as hard as I could to receive an education, something that is not afforded to women in my country of Uganda. I had to flee my country because of political unrest and persecution, leaving behind my entire family. After I began to rebuild my life here, I lost my eyesight and was diagnosed with a brain tumor; although the tumor was removed my eyesight was not restored, and doctors believe that I will never be able to see again. I continued to persevere through many hardships, took classes at the local Center for the Blind, then graduated from their program and became a mentor and counselor for others who had lost their sight. I began taking classes at the community college and discovered my desire to help others. I am blessed to have great people in my life and I want to help others like they have helped me.  Their inspiration has made me want to pursue a career as a counselor; I also want to be able to start my own non-profit to bring education to to the women of Uganda in hopes of stopping the cycle of violence and oppression that we have faced.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Patricia from Survivors of Torture, International

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Validated by Patricia from Survivors of Torture, International (What does this mean?)

I have known Macaba for approximately 3 years and have been providing mental health and case-management services to her since that time. I think that meeting this need is an important step for this woman - she has overcome incredible barriers in order to reach her educational goals so far. Despite the unimaginable horrors committed against her and her family, Macaba has remained committed to her Faith and held onto hope for a brighter future. In the face of a debilitating illness and sudden onset of blindness, Macaba never lost sight of her desire to help others in need and recommitted herself at that time to completing her education. She is extremely deserving of any and all assistance in reaching her goals to complete her degree and provide the same mental health support that helped save her.

Meeting this need will move Macaba's life forward by helping her to navigate the U.S. educational system, which is now primarily focused with online instruction and assignments, and it will allow her to download her special programs for blind individuals onto her laptop which will make learning possible for her.

Throughout unimaginable difficulties in her life, Macaba has remained steadfast with her commitment to serving others in need and in the face of permanent disability she has never lost sight of her dedication toward her own education. She is an incredibly deserving and committed self-educator. It will benefit our community of San Diego in the future to have a culturally  psychologist who has direct experience as a survivor of both war and torure, something our field is lacking greatly.

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