Ester from Montalban, Philippines

Preparing to retire from public teaching! Need tables and chairs to expand my preschool and support my family.

I need 5 sets of educational tables and chairs and few manipulative toys which my students could use during our lessons.


I am a 55-year-old public school teacher soon to retire from service and also a single mother supporting my two children. I created a small preschool business by converting a portion of my small house as a learning space for students.

My goal is to continue to provide for my family even after retiring from teaching public school. I want to increase the number of students at my preschool from 10 to 15.

I need 5 sets of educational tables and chairs and a few manipulative toys which my students could use during our lessons.

Meeting this need will help me because I would be able to increase the number of students, and the additional tuition will replace at least part of my meager income as a public teacher, as well as help me improve and enlarge my facility.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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Validated by Cynthia from Academy for Creating Enterprise (What does this mean?)

Ester enrolled in the Academy program of starting and growing a business because she hopes that in her retirement she will be able to sustain herself in her needs. She has been working for so many years as a public school teacher because she needs to support her two children alone as a single parent. Now that her children are grown, she is worried that she has not secured her retirement plan well enough to be able to sustain her needs in her senior years. This is the compelling reason why she started a small preschool facility inside her house not so long ago.She will retirer in fewer than five years, so I want to help her get her additional sets of tables and chairs so she can add more students to her school business and begin stabilizing her school's operations. I know that with these additional equipment she would be able to not only increase the number of her students, but she would also be able to get enough profit to continue saving for her retirement years.

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