Dominador from Caloocan, Philippines

Looking to support my family of six! Need another bike to sell more merchandise.

I need another manual bike to help me set up another peddling bike full of my products which another person could sell on a different location.


I am a 44-year-old who has sold merchandise on the street by bike for 5 years now. I support my family of 6 through this small business and I normally peddle my products for 10 hours every day.

My goals are to duplicate myself by having another peddler sell my products on commission basis and to increase the sales by having this person do what I do.

I need another manual bike to help me set up another peddling bike full of my products, which another person could sell in a different location.

Meeting this need will help me support my family better since I could double my sales with the same hours I spend on the street selling my products.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Cynthia from Academy for Creating Enterprise

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Validated by Cynthia from Academy for Creating Enterprise (What does this mean?)

Dominador is a graduate of the Academy and he and his wife are raising four small children. Dominador did not attend college but he is determined to provide for his family's needs. He started peddling different products on the street using a manual bike which he drives for almost 10 hours a day. If he gets another bike, he could hire someone to peddle for him on a commission basis and this would increase the number of products he could sell for the same amount of time he spends on the street.

About Cynthia

Hi my name is Cynthia and I work as an Office Manager for a foundation called the Academy for Creating Enterprise. We help individuals who want to start and grow businesses by providing them with foundational business principles, coaching and mentoring through business support groups called… Read more

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