Toni from Los Angeles, CA

I'm looking for work and I need dentures to interview for jobs

I'm formerly homeless and looking for work. Having teeth would help in the interview process and help me appear more professional in the workplace.


I need dentures to fix my smile. This includes the cost of dentures, cleaning tools, and all other associated costs.

My goal is to become employed and not having teeth could be the only reason why I am not considered the best possible candidate. I am doing everything I can, taking every interview I'm offered, and have a strong work background, but without teeth, I feel that my chances of being hired are limited.

Meeting this need will help me appear more professional in the workplace and more easily employed. Having teeth would help greatly in the interview process and make me much more readily received by potential employers. Dentures would also make it easier to not only interact with clients and customers, but also my co-workers once I am employed.

My current situation is I am formerly homeless, unemployed, and living at PATH West Los Angeles. I receive General Relief which helps to assist me in my search for employment, along with the resources provided by PATH. Right now, my biggest challenge is finding employment, and not having teeth seems to be impeding this process.

I think of myself mostly as a person who wants to serve - whether it's on the job or in a volunteer placement. I want to assist others in anyway possible.

I'm most proud of being at PATH and having positive people encourage me in my goal to become employed and not give up on life.

I've worked at jobs including positions for the County and City of Los Angeles, as well as numerous Sales positions.

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This need has been validated by Jo from PATH

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Validated by Jo from PATH (What does this mean?)

I have known Toni for two months and I am her Case Manager in PATH West Los Angeles.

I think meeting this need is important because not having teeth is hindering her chances of getting employment. Having dentures will greatly enhance her chances of obtaining gainful employment, which she is trying so hard to find.

This will move the recipient's life forward by helping her secure a job and end her homelessness.

About Jo

My job title is Senior Navigator and I have been in this position since November of 2011. My work involves assisting clients with permanent housing. What I like about my job is helping the clients get permanent housing and employed. Other positions I have held at my organization include… Read more

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