Eugenio from Toledo, Philippines

I own an auto repair shop; To expand our services, I need a sturdy air compressor.

I'm expanding my auto repair shop's services to save for my kids' college. A sturdy air compressor will allow me to start doing home service repairs.


I am Eugenio, from Cebu, Philippines and I used to be an overseas foreign worker. I went back home to my country because I couldn't be away from my family any longer. I started a small motor shop which somehow helps to replace the income that I lost from my employment overseas.

My goals are to be able to expand my shop's services by doing home service and to cater to this need in my hometown. Doing this will help increase the family's income and be able to support my children's collegiate education.

I need a sturdy air compressor that I could bring with me to do home service repairs. This air compressor must be light enough to be transported easily, yet strong enough to fulfill its work.

Meeting this need will help me because I would be able to cater to the growing home service needs of my community, while my small shop takes care of the retail business. Income from both sources will help my family afford college education for my kids.

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Need funded!

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Eugenio was a former foreign contract worker who labored away from his family to be able to support them. He decided to try his luck back in his country even if it means quitting his secured job just to be able to be with his family everyday. He started a small motor shop supply store and despite the huge cut in the family income he is happy to be with his family beside him. He would like to extend the services that his supply shop offers by catering to home motor repair services. To be able to do this he needs to secure a strong yet lightweight air compressor that could aid him with his home service repairs.

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