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Toni from Chicago, IL

I'm a veteran working hard to start my own salon! I'm close & need basic gear to open

I have 20 yrs experience as a nail tech & aesthetician. I'm ready to start my own salon but need to replace equipment stolen during my move to Chicago

My need and situation

I'm a veteran of the US Army Reserves and a Beauty Professional with over 20 years of experience as a Nail Technician and Aesthetician (both in medical and cosmetology settings). When I relocated to Chicago almost 5 years ago, I lost some of my equipment -- some of it was destroyed in the move and some of it was stolen. I would love to get back to the business of beauty because it is what I enjoy doing and it’s where my heart is.

My plan is to open my own salon. As of today I have completed and paid for the legal requirements to open my business: named and incorporated my business as an LLC, have a EIN-tax identification number, registered for state and local taxes, registered my salon with the IDFPR, and purchased a domain name. Now I just need the proper equipment to do the work.

I need a nail table and a facial chair to open my own salon and provide proper beauty services.

Meeting this need will help me because I feel like my life has been stuck for the last 5 years. I have been a little depressed and have felt somewhat unfulfilled in the last 5 years. My heart’s desire is to own my own beauty business. Having these two pieces of equipment to open my own beauty business will help me move forward emotionally, spiritually and financially, ultimately restoring the joy and contentment I once had for life.

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Toni has been working with CCL for over a year on her financial and employment goals. She is a very thorough, reliable and determined woman. Toni has very clear goals, a long history of experience in the beauty industry and a passion like no other for looking and feeling amazing! Receiving this help to get the rest of her equipment to live her dream of entrepreneurship in the beauty industry after serving our country will be a major life changer for Toni!

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I am a Business Solutions Coach that works to make connections with employers and match them with the clients that we are helping to find employment. I also conduct mock interviews, workshops, and host hiring events.