James from Bronx, New York

I'm attending college; I need help buying school supplies, and hygiene products!

I'm a full time student just barely able to pay rent. I need help w/ school supplies like books, as well as bathroom supplies (eg shower curtain)

My need and situation

My name is James Baldwin I am a 25 years old and unemployed. I am attending the Borough of Manhattan Community College. I major in English communications as a full time student and I live alone in the Bronx and my mother pays for my rent. Unfortunately I need school supplies for the upcoming semester.

My goals are the graduate with my associates degree then move on to a four-year college and obtain my bachelors degree. From there I will find employment.

I'm in need for hygiene products, towels, bathroom mat, shower curtain and cleaning supplies. I also need school supplies for school including books for this upcoming semester, which are really expensive and I cant afford to pay for at this time. I really would appreciate help and support.

Meeting these goals will help because I will become fully independent of my life, allowing me to focus on school and graduate with my degree.

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This need has been validated by PO Jelani from NYC Department of Probation

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Validated by PO Jelani from NYC Department of Probation (What does this mean?)

James is on P.O. Brandon caseload. James is a young man trying to get his life together, he has been living in family shelters for the past two years because of family related issues. His mother had to relocate to Chicago because his grandmother is ill and that is where she resides. This is why James is living in a room. James is enrolled in school as full time student and with the help of the donors he will be able to put himself in better position to do well in school and find employment.

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My job title is Probation Officer Assistant. My work involves providing help for clients that are on probation with comprehensive case management services. The services include finding programs that is best suited for the client including mandated programs by the courts. I also assist clients in… Read more