Milton from Bronx, New York

I want to work as a driver. I need help to pay for my road test so I can get started.

I'm living in debt from backed up student loans. If I can get a commercial drivers' license, I'll be able to support myself and pay back my debt.

My need and situation

I am a 34 year old man, who is taking driving lesson so that I can obtain a position as a driver.

My goal is to pass my driver's test and obtain a job as a driver. After that, I'm hoping to get back into college and complete my degree.

I need to pay for my road test. I'm unemployed and unable to pay the fees.

Meeting this need will help me because I need a job. I dropped out of college because I could not afford the fees. I am back up with student loans. If I get a license, I'll be able to work as a driver and start saving up again. I really need to improve my financial situation and get back on my feet.

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This need has been validated by PO Israel from NYC Department of Probation

PO Israel


Validated by PO Israel from NYC Department of Probation (What does this mean?)

In the beginning, working with Milton was a challenge due to his personal feelings about the department. After meeting with him on several occasions and listening to his concerns, I felt that this young man was not only frustrated but also overwhelmed. When the opportunity arrived, I knew immediately whom I would nominate/submit for the benevolent opportunity. When the phone call was made, he went into detail explaining how a commercial license would change the person he is today (financial, emotionally, mentally and physically). He was so ecstatic and expressed great gratitude. To my surprise, Milton reported during his next appointment a much different person. Milton went from someone who had given up on life to one who was hopeful, had attainable goals, and motivation. I strongly feel that the departments’ assistance in covering the DMV fees for Milton to obtain his commercial licensee will continue to help him build on his future and change is outlook on life.

About PO Israel

I am a PO for more than nine years. I like to help my clients. What motivates me is when a client call me years after they have completed their term of supervision and thank me for changing their lives. Better when they mentioned to me that after they have completed their term they will keep in… Read more