Shaheem from Queens, NY

Working full time and at school; just got an apartment and I need help furnishing.

I need a couch for my new apartment. I work hard but have just barely been able to afford rent, food, and a bed. A couch will help it feel like home!

My need and situation

I am a 20 year old hardworking young man that is in school and maintains a full time job. I recently was able to obtain my first apartment in which I am trying to furnish on my own.

My goals are to one day work for New York State as a court officer. I am looking to obtain my bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice class of 2020.

I need a couch for my new apartment. Although I work, I am not able to furnish my apartment fully after purchasing the main necessities such as rent, a bed and food.

Meeting this need will help me because I will have my place furnished where I can have family and friends over to celebrate with me on this new journey of independence.

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This need has been validated by PO Coleman from NYC Department of Probation

PO Coleman


Validated by PO Coleman from NYC Department of Probation (What does this mean?)

I have known Shaheem for a couple of months and he has been motivated for change. He has been able to maintain his apartment, attend school and stay out of trouble. He always keeps his appointments and if he does not he is sure to call. He is close to obtaining his bachelors degree at Queens borough Community College and on his way to serving the people of New York as a court officer. I hope this couch will help Shaheem feel at home. We would like to purchase a couch from a local delivery service, because if he has to assemble it himself, he may not know how to do that and there can be safety issues.

About PO Coleman

I am a Probation Officer working for the NYC Department of Probation where I work with individuals who have made mistakes and guide them to better decision making for the future. I work to help build self esteem so they can, make positive decisions, identify their own strengths and work to meet… Read more