Peter from Des Plaines, IL

I've trained to be a welder, but before I can find work I need equipment.

I'm excited to start a career and a stable life. I need help to buy safety equipment-- employers will expect me to have it before they hire!

My need and situation

I am an addict in recovery and am finally trying to build a future for myself now. In the past I struggled with substance abuse and had family tragedies that really set me back in life. But now that I am sober and the family issues have resolved, I finally can pursue a career in welding.

My goals and plans are to finish the welding program at Jane Addams and find a good paying job so than I can start saving up to buy a car and a house.

I need the gear required for my welding career -- a welding helmet, the gloves, a welding jacket, and steel toe boots.

Meeting this need, getting this gear, will let me focus on the training, and reduce stress during this program and as I start my new career.

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This need has been validated by Katherine from Jane Addams Resource Corporation



Validated by Katherine from Jane Addams Resource Corporation (What does this mean?)

Peter has a great mindset and you can tell he is on a really good path now. We are proud to have him in our program, and are confident he's going to have a very successful career.

About Katherine

I work for the Jane Addams Resource Corporation. Our mission is to ensure that people who work do not live in poverty. My goal is to help people get on their feet and earn a living wage. Helping people is my life mission and I will do that any way that I can.