Shawn from Brooklyn, NY

I'm fighting to finish High School. I need help with supplies to finish next summer.

I want to finish by June and move on to college, but it's tough. I feel like I have no support; your donations toward supplies can help change that.


I am a 20 year old male who is struggling to finish High School.

My goals are to finish high school by June 2020. After high school, I want to find meaningful employment while attending community college part-time.

I need some school supplies such as binders, notebooks, pens, and paper to finish school.

Meeting this need will help me because at the moment I am struggling to complete high school. I am becoming less motivated by the minute. I feel like I have no support and am trying to do my best.

Need funded!

Thank you for helping Shawn fund this need.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by PO Buongiovanni from NYC Department of Probation

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PO Buongiovanni


Validated by PO Buongiovanni from NYC Department of Probation (What does this mean?)

I have known Shawn for a little under a year now. It is clear to me that he feels like he does not have a lot of support within his family. Shawn's attendance in school is starting to plummet. I am hoping that posting this need with him will encourage him. Shawn only has eight credits left to finish.

About PO Buongiovanni

I am currently a NYC Probation Officer and I believe in empowering those who are on my caseload. Everyone deserves a chance to do good. I believe Benevolent will inspire and give certain Clients something to achieve and work hard for.

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