JayCee from Bronx, New York

Finishing my Bachelor's! I need a laptop and printer.

I'm a hard working single mother who wants to help others, and an education will let me get there. I just need some help along the way.


I am a 54 working-class Latina, single mother, domestic abuse survivor, and Navy veteran. I have an innate passion for helping others achieve holistic wellness and social functioning. I have accumulated life experiences that have taken me across the world, tested my sanity, and brought me extreme joy. I am nine credits away from obtaining my Bachelor's degree in Sociology and would like to continue furthering my education.

Furthermore, one day obtaining my master’s in social work will amplify the work that I am able to do in my community and will increase my credibility to give back more.

I need a laptop and printer to help me finish my Bachelor's degree. I suffer from anxiety and major depression, which have been exasperated due to lack of financial resources. Any help you are able to provide will be greatly appreciated. I thank you in advance for considering my request and look forward to getting started on my goals.

Meeting this need will help me because I am always looking for ways to share my personal narratives and listen to others with the hope that it will help someone to recognize the signs of abuse and end the cyclical ordeal that domestic violence can become. Through my educational endeavors, I have studied abroad, volunteered at the Veteran’s Hospital, mentored young girls, and published my poetry.

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Validated by Seon from Easterseals New York (What does this mean?)

I knew JayCee for a couple of months in our veteran services employment program. She is driven and determined to accomplish her goals. Unfortunately he has had significant barriers to employment that we have been working with her to break down. JayCee maintains a positive outlook on life despite these barriers as her willingness to serve and achieve success is among her strongest qualities. I believe she will be successful because she continues to positive, persistent and passionate about helping others.

About Seon

Seon Nanton is the job developer for SCSEP (Senior Community Service Employment Program) and has been on board with the Fedcap Group's Easterseals New York team since 2019. Nanton came to Easterseals with over six years of job development experience and the drive and determination to help others… Read more

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