Catherine from Gloucester, Sierra Leone

Recently single; now I need work. With funds I can start reselling firewood.

I want to work selling firewood-- this will help me earn a living. With these funds I can afford an initial stock and a small apartment.


I am a mother of 6 children. I recently separated from my abusive husband. Unfortunately, due to family circumstances, I dropped out of school. I have been unemployed for several years and have not been able to find work.

My goal is to start a small business retailing coal or firewood. Starting a small business is the best way for me to earn a living. I also need to rent a place on my own as I am currently living with a friend.

I need startup capital or funds to purchase firewood wholesale. Funds will also help me rent a small apartment for me and my kids.

Meeting this need will help me become independent and take care of my children. It will help restore my dignity and feed my children.

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Validated by Sylvester from Develop Africa (What does this mean?)

Catherine and her family were severely affected a mudslide a couple years ago. Her baby was swept away by flood waters. Develop Africa has been providing counseling, humanitarian support and scholarship assistance to her kids for over 4 years now.

About Sylvester

I am the President of Develop Africa. My work involves oversight of the organization and also managing different projects. I enjoy being able to assist people with potential who need a "hand up" out of their predicament or inability. I am passionate about helping to create opportunities that… Read more

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