Marta from Chicago, IL

Computer for my job search + kids' homework

I want to advance my computer skills and want my children to get their homework done. A computer will also help me find a job.


Marta's update on receiving her computer: Mar 21, 2012

I am Marta
   I would like to send thanks to all of those people who contributed in order to provide me with my computer. This helps me so much because my children can stay in my house and now they don't need to go to the library and wait their turn, and I am able to look for more work and practice using the computer.  Thank you so much!

With so much appreciation and gratitude,


Yo Marta
   Quiero darles las gracias a las personas que contribuyeron para donarme mi computadora y eso me baayudar para que mis hijos esten en mi casa y no tengan que ir a la biblioteca a ester es peran do turnos y yo para buscar trabajo y practicar mas en la computadora y muchas gracias.

Con graciamento,


Marta's daughter's statement on receiving the computer: Mar 21, 2012

I am Marta's daughter, and like any normal kid i have to do school work etc. Before we had to go to the library and wait until a computer was able to be used, but that took a long time for it to. Sometimes, we couldn't even finsh our work. Then we had bad grades, but thankfully, C4 and people who gave to Benevolent donated money for us to be able to get our work done. There is nobody who could be more thankful. As i am the oldest one and going to high school, my work will get easier in the future because i am going to exceed in life!

Maria's statement when Marta received her computer: Mar 19, 2012

I'm grateful to Benevolent and the people who contributed for the computer donation for Marta, this will make her life easier and her children will complete their homework assignments on time and she can search for jobs.  With the money that you donated to this family now has a desktop computer with the student programs, two speakers and a printer. Desk was donated by C4; the flat screen monitor was donated by a coworker and the time for computer installation was donated by computer technician.

Thank you very much.


A computer at home would help my children turn their homework in on time. Plus, if we have a computer at home I can help them with their homework and spend more time with them instead of taking them to the library to use a computer.

I am taking computer classes right now at a social service center. I have learned how to navigate the Internet and Windows. I have learned how to use Photoshop and I have learned how to type in the computer. I can also fill in online job applications and search for jobs. If I had a computer at home, I wouldn't have to go to the library and I could use it to find employment.

A computer from Benevolent would also include a monitor, keyboard, mouse, Microsoft Office, and a 1-year subscription to antivirus software, plus taxes.

Sometimes I do not have time to take my children to the library to use the computer. Also, usually we have to wait in line a long time and there have been times when I have taken them and the library is closed.

In my computer classes, I recently learned how to make business cards. I made some for myself to give to people because I wanted to make some extra money cleaning people's houses.  I did fill out an application form at a social service agency to get a computer but I never got anything.

Right now I am working at the Chicago Tribune as a machine operator putting paper into the newspaper machines. I work 40 hours a week and usually it's the night shift from 9pm till 5am. I am a single mother and have three kids: two girls aged thirteen and ten, and a seven year old boy.  I have hired someone to be with my children when I am at work. All three of my children go to a public school.  When I get home from work I take my children to school and then sleep for a few hours.

Life is very difficult for me. I just got permission to work legally and am trying to find another job that will pay me more. It is hard for us to get by with the money I am making now and food stamps help to make sure we get something to eat. Even though rent is expensive I make sure I pay all of my bills on time because I do not want to have a bad record with anyone.

My goal is to learn English and then I want to go to a nursing school to become a nurse. Since I was a little girl I have always wanted to be a nurse when I took first aid classes at the Red Cross in Mexico.

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Marta has attended Parenting classes since 2001. Marta is a single mother in need of a computer for her children to help them with their homework assignments.  Right now she has to take her children to the public library but when they get there, there is a long line and sometimes her children turn their homework in late.  She is learning how to use a computer as well and a computer at home would help her find a job. She is a really motivated mother and is always looking for ways to help her children.  I am really excited and happy to help her because she is so dedicated.

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