Preness from Berkeley, CA

I’m a veteran living in a shelter. I need a tablet to help with my job & independence

I couldn't work due to injuries in my shoulder and leg. Now I’m in training to do security. I need a tablet for my training and to get more hours.


Thank you from Preness Jan 12, 2014

We just received this note from Preness when her need was funded:

"I am overwhelmed with joy. Thanks to the staff at the shelter and Benevolent I'm going to meet my need. I am truly blessed to be in contact with people who care for others. I have started a new year and I know that with this gift it will be a great year. Thanks so very much and God bless everyone who gave."

And then this note, when she received her computer:

"Just wanted to thank the Benevolent Team. I just received my Samsung Tablet and I am overwhelmed with joy and excited. I can get started using it to make my life better. I am really at a lost for words to really express my feelings. I have never been so blessed. Thanks once again may God bless you, and the Benevolent Team."


I am a hard worker that does not give up. I am really happy with how far I have come, but I still need a little bit more stability in my life, this iPad will definitely help me towards that goal. I think that it will open more doors for me.

I need an iPad to help my with my security training. Meeting this need will help me because I will be able to use the iPad to put my schedule and training material into during my security training, which will help me get more hours at my job. It will also help me to download all my employment history easier than if I were looking on a laptop because I would be able to have it right in my hand. My goal is to goal is get more employment hours and be able to get permanent housing. This iPad will help me with my employment opportunities and will make is easier for me. Hopefully, I will then get more hours, which will help me to reach my goal of getting permanent housing.

I am hard working, a veteran, and very active in my church. I am also a member of The Women's Marine's Association that meets once a month. Currently, I am living in a women's shelter and I work part time doing security. I have had two injuries in my shoulder and my leg, which is why I was unable to work. I am currently trying to find permanent housing.

I'm from Oakland originally and have lived around this area all my life. I now live in Berkeley in a women's shelter. Something interesting about me is I served in the military. I'm happiest when I am at church. I'm most proud of completing Women's Initiative, a women't business course.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Lauren from Berkeley Food and Housing Project

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Validated by Lauren from Berkeley Food and Housing Project (What does this mean?)

We met when I first started my work at the shelter a little more then three months ago. I see Preness often and really enjoy talking with her.

I think meeting this need is important because it will help her to get more job hours, which she needs in order to be permanently housed, and keep her housing. She has been working really hard, and I think that she really deserves to get permanently housed at this point.

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My job title is Intern Case Manager. My work involves working one on one with clients to support them in finding housing and employment. I also do client intakes and create and maintain new client files including Intakes, database records, program entries and program exits, as well as assist with… Read more