Solomon from Oakland, CA

I’m a new immigrant from Eritrea, and I need woodworking tools to create coffee tables that I sell

I am starting a job, but it is part-time. If I can continue my craft of creating traditional coffee tables, I can sell them to support my family.


My current situation is I am supposed to be starting a new job within the next week. The position will start off as part-time with the possibility of full time employment. In the meantime I would like to continue with my craft I began back in my homeland of Eritrea of creating coffee tables.

I need CNC Router machine and tools. This includes CNC 3040 Triaxial Router Engraving Milling and Drilling Machine. These tools are for creating coffee tables that I can sell (please see my video for an example). Meeting this need will help me because I can support my family with a second income. In addition we will be able to live comfortably and I will be able to continue with the craft that I love doing.

My goal is to be able to provide efficiently for my family. I made a living off of my work back home and I would love to share that with other communities in the US. I have a wife who will be joining me sometime soon and I would love to be financially stable enough for her.

I come from Eritrea and I am in the process of starting my new life here in the United States, living in Oakland. Something interesting about me is I speak four different languages: Amharic, Tigrinya, Kiswahili and English. I'm happiest when I am surrounded by my family. I'm most proud of my family.

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This need has been validated by Samantha from International Rescue Committee (Nor-Cal, Oakland)

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Validated by Samantha from International Rescue Committee (Nor-Cal, Oakland) (What does this mean?)

We met when Solomon first arrived in our office two months ago. He came ready and determined to participate in our Employment Program and assists his fellow classmates without any hesitation.

I think meeting this need is important because he will be able to not only share his creations with others, but he will also be bringing in an additional income to help provide for his family as they resettle here in the United States. Because his new employment will start off as part-time this will allow him to hone in on his craft of coffee table making.

Solomon is a very friendly individual. He has displayed determination from the start to pursue work to help him through his transition in the U.S.

About Samantha

My job title is Employment Associate. My work involves helping newly arrived refugees gain employment and financial comprehension within three to four months of their arrival. I assist them with building and revising their resumes, mentoring them on a course towards economic freedom through… Read more

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