Monique from East SF Bay, CA

I'm a DV Survivor fighting cancer. I need a small fridge, microwave & toaster for medication & meals

I survived domestic violence, now I’m fighting cancer. After chemo I’m unable to get around, & these items will allow me to be independent in my room.


I need a few household items, including a small refrigerator for my Cancer medicine, a microwave, a toaster, and small table to keep in my room, since I cannot get around, due to chemo. Also a robe to put on when I come home from my radiation appointments.

Meeting this need will help me because I will be able to be more independent by being able to cook small items for myself. The refrigerator will help me keep my medications close to me in my room and accessible when I need them. I want to be able to feel like I was before the radiation, and not depend on everyone to do things for me.

My current situation is I am a Domestic Violence Survivor who now has Breast Cancer. I am living with roommates. My son and daughter are my reason for fighting cancer; without them I would give up.

At the moment my son is away in the military and my daughter does not live close, so I am trying to make it on my own until we can be together again. Due to radiation I can not walk around a lot and am generally confined to my room and would like to get items that can help me feel more independent.

My goal is to fight this cancer and become a survivor instead of a statistic. These items will allow me to feel like I am still myself, and give me easier access to my medication.

I'm from California. I live in a rental with other roommates. Something interesting about me is that I worked in the medical field and was studying to become a psychologist. I'm happiest when I help others and work with my patients. I'm most proud of the courage to continue life with cancer, and my son who is now serving in the Military.

I have I have a son and a daughter. My Son has been in the military for the last 13 years. My daughter works in the medical industry also. They both mean everything to me and have been my whole reason for fighting this cancer.

I am a domestic violence victim fighting breast cancer. I never knew how my patients and clients felt until I was put to test when I experienced domestic violence and developed cancer. My life has changed and allowed me to help people now in other ways I never thought I was going to be able to.

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This need has been validated by Kristal from Davis Street Family Resource Center

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Validated by Kristal from Davis Street Family Resource Center (What does this mean?)

We met when Monique a couple of months ago when she called us for help getting clothing, food and other necessities. Monique then told us her story and after hearing all she had been through we wanted to help her as much as we could.

I think meeting this need is important because this will allow Monique to feel like she can still do things on her own. It will also help her feel more comfortable after she comes home from her radiation treatments. She will be able to have her medications on hand without having to go to far for them when she feel weak.

Monique is a fighter. She has been though abuse, being homeless and now is fighting Cancer. If we could just help her out a little i think her fight will be greater. Everyone wants to feel independent and helping Monique get these items to allow her to feel that again.

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