Supermom from Oakland, CA

I’m a hard-working mom but my kids & I need shoes & I need professional clothes to succeed at work

Currently I have to borrow work boots so that I have appropriate attire. My kids also each only have one pair of shoes. We just need some basics.


Supermom is doing Super! Jun 23, 2014

From Supermom's validator: "Supermom is doing a fantastic job after she was able to get herself and her children some clothes. She obtained a job at a local grocery store and will be transitioning to her own housing soon. Just want to say thank you to those who donated and help out with Supermom's endeavors."


I need shoes and clothing for myself and my kids. This includes good shoes for my sons and daughter and interview and work clothing for myself. Meeting this need will help me because I will no longer have to borrow work shoes and worry about giving them back. I want things that belong to me. I'll have my own shoes and clothes for work.

My current situation is I have no shoes and I currently have to borrow work boots so that I can wear the appropriate attire. The only pair of shoes I own are sandals, but is really not healthy to wear during the winter. My kids also have one pair of shoes that are getting worn and are not suitable for the cold weather. I also wear the same clothes because most of the little money that I get goes straight to my kids.

My goal is to own and wear my own clothes and feel confident about what I am putting on. I also want to feel comfortable and presentable for work so that I can succeed in the job field and the move towards future goals.

I'm from Indio, California, and currently live in Oakland. Something interesting about me is that I never give up hope. I'm happiest when I see that my kids are happy. I'm most proud of all the accomplishments that I overcame even if they were my own.

I have three beautiful children. My oldest is 4 years old and he is a great and helpful big brother. My second child just turned 3 and he is the big baby. I also have a beautiful princess who is now 2 months old.

I'm a very strong person. My experiences in life are what made me who I am today. I am a very encouraged mother, willing to go beyond to strive a for a better stable life for my family.

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This need has been validated by Kamela from Beyond Emancipation

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Validated by Kamela from Beyond Emancipation (What does this mean?)

We met when Supermom applied for transitional housing at the organization. Supermom had just moved to the Bay Area from Southern California and was currently homeless with two children and pregnant with her third. Now Supermom has been stable in our housing program and providing what she can to her children.

I think meeting this need is important because Supermom has really made some drastic improvements in her life in regards to providing the best care and support to her children. Supermom has had some hiccups, none of her doing, that has halted her from getting some necessary items for herself and her children. Supermom needs shoes for herself and clothing so that she can continue to work and move up, if possible. Supermom also wants her children to be dressed appropriately so that there are no allegations that could hinder her independence and being a mother.

Supermom has made great strides from when she and I first met. Supermom has made EVERY appointment, meeting, workshop and event that has been put on for the mother in our program. She has been diligent about improving her life so that she can provide a good life for her children.

About Kamela

My job title is Community Housing Coordinator. My work involves intensive case management with current, former and emancipated foster youth which includes employment and education, mental health referrals, and permanency planning. What I like about my job is that I can see young women and men… Read more

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