Jessica from East SF Bay, CA

Our family all lives in 1 room. We need a deposit for an apartment & self-reliance.

We are now in a room at my brother’s house. We have been saving for five months, and this last bit would help us get our own place.


I'm from Mexico City, and I live in San Leandro, CA. Something interesting about me is that I love to read metaphysical books. I'm happiest when I play soccer! I'm most proud of how I teach my kids and how I care about them! I have a two children - a wonderful and beautiful daughter, and a silly, sweet and loving son. I have been married for eight years, to their father, who is very supportive and committed to providing for our children. I am a strong person, but being with my family makes me happy. However, I also miss my family back in Mexico City very much.

My goal is to be able to provide my children with a home of their own that is safe and secure. Also, providing a place of their own will allow them to be able to focus on their schoolwork and do better in their classes. It will also give them an opportunity to not feel as anxious or stressed because they will have a space of their own.

I need a little more money to be able to put a deposit down on an apartment. This would be help us to become more independent and self-reliant, and move out of my brother's home to a place of our own. Our current situation is that my husband, my children, and I are all living in one room in my brother's home. Currently there are nine people in the house, and not enough space for my children to have their own room. We have been saving money for the last five months, and this last bit would be the deposit needed to move into a place of our own.

My husband and I are working very hard to give our children the best. Sometimes it is very difficult to raise two young children and this gift would help us very much. Thank you for your generosity, it will be very helpful.

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This need has been validated by Jesse from Davis Street Family Resource Center

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Validated by Jesse from Davis Street Family Resource Center (What does this mean?)

We met when Jessica came to Davis Street Family Resource Center for support. I think meeting this need is important because Jessica is a good person that is working very hard to provide for her family. She is also striving to be the best mother she can be, and is interested in learning about how to best support the needs of her children. Jessica is committed and invested in her children's health and education. She shows it by her involvement, and dedication to making sure her children have the best.

About Jesse

My job title is Psychological Trainee. My work involves working with people to learn how to better process their life experiences. What I like about my job is that I am able to talk many different individuals from many walks of life. I love people!