Mark from Chicago, IL

Getting back on my feet after 2 injuries & a flooded home; I need bus fare & clothing

I lost everything in the flood. I need bus fare and clothing to get to/from physical therapy, get back to work, and ultimately support my family!

My need and situation

I need bus fare to and from physical therapy and clothing to wear to church!

Meeting this need will help me because I'll be able to get back to work to provide for my family and to feel like I'm a productive member of society. It's important for me to let my kids and grandkids know that when you fall, you can get up and move on. My goal is to get back to work and provide for myself and my family, and to show my grandsons what a man can do when he comes out of hardship and does not go to the streets to make money and end up in jail.

My current situation is I have been off work since July of 2013 for a broken elbow. On my way to physical therapy, I fell and hurt my knee (in January of 2014) because of a bad snow storm. This is not work-related so I have no income. My home flooded in September of 2013 and I lost everything.

I'm from Chicago,IL and I live Calumet Park, IL. I'm happiest when I spend time with my kids and grandkids because of the love I feel when I'm in their presence! I have 4 daughters and 15 grandkids and they are my whole world. They are all married and I love the fact that they are doing what they have to do to get by. I'm most proud of my 4 daughters because I have 2 in college and 2 have good jobs, and they put their family first. They are just good mothers. Something interesting about me is I like going to different places to talk to youth about the decision that I made in my life that were not so good and how God has turned me around. I work very hard and I get along with just about anyone I work with or come in contact with.

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This need has been validated by Kimberly from Mercy Housing Lakefront

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Validated by Kimberly from Mercy Housing Lakefront (What does this mean?)

We met when Mark came to me for assistance with finding employment.

I think meeting this need is important because Mark is a hard worker and I know he wants to get back to being self-sufficient and taking care of himself.

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My current job title is Resident Services Coordinator and that involves assisting clients with employment opportunities and overall self-sufficiency. What I like about my job is making a difference in the lives of others and helping them to aspire to their greater good.