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I'm proud to have overcome homelessness! A computer will open countless doors for me.

I'm working towards my GED, but I don't have access to a computer to finish my coursework (my house is far from school and the library).


Yale wanted to say "Thank you!" Sep 5, 2014

He says, "Thank you for the computer and all the accessories you have gotten for me. It is helping me further my education and has made my house a home. I really appreciate it and I hope you have a beautiful day and God bless!"


I am a survivor of homelessness. I've been homeless over the last five years and with the blessings from Inspiration Corporation, I got a chance to live again to make my new apartment that I just moved into a home. I am a participant of Inspiration's employment training program.

My goals are to get my GED and to make a better life for myself. I hope to become an engineer and learn how to operate a crane. I also try to encourage some of the people who are homeless to get help as far as getting an education and employment to get out of their situation of homelessness.

I need a laptop to further my education and a rug for my new apartment. I do some of my schoolwork in class, however the majority of the work is done on a computer. Right now I don't have access to a computer, because the closest library is 6 miles from my house and my school is on the other side of the city. I received household goods and a bed from Inspiration Corporation, however I need a rug, table, and chairs to make my apartment comfortable to study and live in.

Meeting this need will help me because of my goals with a laptop computer. I have a disability, which makes it difficult to work in the classroom environment. By having a laptop, I will be able to study and work in quieter spaces such as my home. With the table, chairs, and rug, my home will be a better environment for studying.

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Validated by George from Inspiration Corporation (What does this mean?)

I have been working with Yale since January of this year as a part of Inspiration Corporation's employment training program. Since I met him, he has been determined to get into housing and has finally achieved this goal. I admire him for his optimistic outlook and persistence despite being homeless for so many years. I am sure he will achieve his future goals once he has a laptop and furniture for his apartment!

About George

George has worked in the social service field for over 7 years and at Inspiration Corporation for over 5 of those years. George began his career at Inspiration as a part-time Lead Milieu Manager in 2008, in this capacity he was in charge of overseeing all meals, behaviors during meals, and proper… Read more

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