Mike from Mt. Prospect, IL

My therapy dog and I are moving to be near family. I just need help getting there!

My son and daughter, who provide crucial support for me, are moving out west. I have secured housing but need help for movers and fuel to get there.


I am 59-year-old that currently resides in the northwest Chicago suburban region. I have struggled with various mental and emotional issues since early childhood. In order to maintain my lifestyle on disability income I have worked with CEDA Northwest in the past on my financial restraints. Also, I have therapy dog named Hunter that provides affection and support.

My son and daughter, who are my primary caregivers, are moving out west and I need to be close to them. They make sure I go to the doctor, take my medications, and they provide crucial emotional support.

I have already secured housing on the west coast. However, I am in dire need of assistance for paying the movers and fueling cost for the trip.

Meeting this need will help me remain stable. My children and Hunter are my strongest support system and help me stay accountable for my own well-being.

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Validated by Sonia from CEDA Northwest (What does this mean?)

I have known Mike for almost 10 years as his case manager. I first met Mike when he applied for support through the Transitional Living Program here at CEDA Northwest. During the program, we helped Mike through some of his most difficult times. While in the program, Mike was eager to participate in case management that assisted him by providing life skills to manage his financial, mental and emotional status. Even after transition out of the program, he kept in touch. Mike has always preserved and worked to maintain a level of independence, prior to receiving disability. He has now come to me in need of assistance in order to receive support to be close to his children, who are his main caregivers.

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I am the Program Director at Northwest Compass, Inc. We enhance our community by providing emergency services, education, and empowerment which foster personal responsibility for those who are vulnerable or in crisis. We believe that we are one of the most effective provider in the northwest… Read more