Edward from Chicago, IL

I sell magazines outdoors. I need a winter coat and boots so I can sell in the cold.

Working towards stable housing and my bachelor's, I sell magazines to make a living. Winter clothes will keep me warm as I work.


I am a 53-year-old StreetWise Vendor. I have held many different jobs in the last 30 years but I have been a StreetWise Vendor for the last 3. I am currently in a Transitional Jobs Program which will hopefully help me find permanent employment.

My goals are to find employment in anything related to working with people. I am close to finishing my schooling to get a Bachelors in Media Relations, and would like to complete that in the next few years. I have been working with Social Services to be put on the CHA list and in the meantime I have been occasionally staying at my brother's but would like to work towards finding a better and more independent solution.

I need a winter jacket and boots. As a StreetWise Vendor it is very important for me to consistently be working towards my daily and monthly goals. In order to do that I will have to be outside during the winter selling StreetWise magazine and would greatly benefit from having winter clothing to keep me warm.

Meeting this need will help me because I can work through the winter and not have to skip days because of the cold. Working as a StreetWise Vendor, I am my own boss, and I have to motivate myself everyday to get out there and sell magazines. Having a jacket and boots in the winter will help me meet my goals.

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This need has been validated by Jennifer from StreetWise, Inc.

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Validated by Jennifer from StreetWise, Inc. (What does this mean?)

I have known Edward through StreetWise since I started working here back in September. He comes in to StreetWise everyday to work in the Transitional Jobs Program, see Social Services, or to get food before heading out to sell magazines. Edward is currently homeless and has been seeing Social Services to help him get on a list for Chicago Housing Authority. Edward's Vendor location is right next to my downtown campus and I see him all the time when I'm walking to classes. He is always incredibly friendly to everyone both at StreetWise and outside of it and I would really like to help him meet this need so that he may continue to sell StreetWise throughout the winter.

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I have been an intern at StreetWise since September 2014. I will work with Streetwise as my first level internship placement from Loyola until next May. I am currently working towards getting my MSW with a specialization in Mental Health and will be graduating in 2016.At Streetwise I work in the… Read more