Steven from Rockford, Illinois

An injury put me out of work. A little help will house my daughter and me.

My family is struggling to make it, jumping from couch to couch. Getting housed will help us move forward.

My need and situation

My name is Steve and I am a father to a beautiful 8 year old girl. I am a mechanical engineer but recently lost my job due to a severe back injury. At one point, I felt I had it all, but now I humble myself to ask for help to ensure my family is safe and warm this winter.

Now that I am unable to work as a mechanical engineer due to my injury, I am enrolled in school to work on an accounting degree. My overall goal, however, is to make sure I can provide for my family and create another opportunity for myself in order to do so. I have always been involved in helping the community and assisting young men in finding their way to being successful college students. This recent struggle is new to me and my family and I am now on the other side of seeking assistance and support.

I am in need of immediate assistance for housing. I have reached out to all community resources but I have been unable to receive assistance in an adequate amount of time. My family is struggling to make it, jumping from couch to couch, and even sleeping in our vehicle. I am doing everything that I can at this time to create a livable income to maintain housing.

Meeting this need with your help will help relieve the financial strain and significant stress my family is currently feeling, while I get back on my feet. My wife and daughter deserve to know that they have a consistent place to call home and I will do everything that I can to provide that for them through this difficult time.

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Validated by Jordyn from La Voz Latina (What does this mean?)

I received a referral to work with Steven and his family through the Department of Children and Family Services. Steven's family became involved as it was learned that they were sleeping in their car and jumping home to home. Steven has held a job for many years as a mechanical engineer and was devastated when he could no longer work due to a severe back injury. Steven has been going through the tedious process of filing for social security disability and has also been looking for light duty work in the meantime, following his passion of working with youth. Steven has also hit numerous brick walls in seeking immediate housing assistance due to his changing financial circumstances. Steven and his wife genuinely display their gratitude in reaching out for our help and our eagerness to work with them. In order to keep this family united, with their 8 year old daughter, we are seeking any resources available in order to relieve this stress for Steven's family while they search alternative income methods.

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