Shion from Detroit, Mi

I'm a mom going back to school. I need beds to give my 3 children a safe night's rest.

Meeting this need will help my children finally get a good night's rest in bed of their own.

My need and situation

I am mother raising 3 young children. I am currently trying to empower myself in different ways in my life. My life has had a few up's and down now I'm on the right path to better myself.

My goals are to receive my GED and obtain full-time employment. I would like to have the opportunity to lead by an example for my children by demonstrating more positive behavior instead of negative.

I need 3 beds and bedding for my three children. While I'm going to school, it's tough to stretch my dollars enough to cover things like bedding, which my kids absolutely need to stay healthy and well-rested.

Meeting this need will help me because my children will finally be able to get a good night's rest in bed of their own and have the opportunity to be comfortable at night.

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Validated by Paula from Black Family Development (What does this mean?)

I have known Shion for over one year. She is a great person with a promising future. Shion works hard working towards her goals.

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I am a Case Manager at Black Family Develompent. I am responsible for linking clients with resources in the community through the Promise Neighborhoods Program. Promise Neighborhoods' vision is ensure that all children in the Detroit Clark Park/Osborn Neighborhoods have access to excellent… Read more