Ava from Bay Area, CA

On my path out of homelessness! Wigs & make-up will let me feel like myself once again.

I'm a proud transgender woman. Even if others don't like how I look, I still know I'm beautiful and can keep walking.

My need and situation

I am a 54-year-old transgender female. I moved to the bay area because I received a Section 8 voucher, but I arrived here homeless and was homeless for 3 years until recently, when I moved into an SRO.

When I was homeless, people used to steal my makeup, clothes, and rollers. I used to have to shower in the bathrooms at City Hall and then plug in my rollers at the public library. I want to create a safe place for homeless transgender women to get ready - get ready for job interviews, housing searches, and to do everyday things like going to the supermarket. I want to have extra supplies like wigs and make-up available for the women. That's my dream.

I lost a lot while I was homeless, what I need now are wigs and make-up products. Human hair wigs are expensive and their prices are out of my reach. I have one wig I use everyday, but a problem I run into is that they need a day to wash. On these days, I don't have a wig to wear. I also need make-up. I don't have enough money to buy new products so I'm using old make-up. I'm worried I could get an infection if I keep using them. I also need new shoes. Other agencies have been generous with clothes and I've been able to find a lot at second hand stores, but shoes are difficult because of my size. I would love to own at least one pair of shoes that I've purchased new, rather than received used. I was given a lot while I was homeless and I feel that I owe much back to the community. My plan is to volunteer, working with homeless and low income individuals. New shoes will help me put my best foot forward.

Meeting this need will help me because how we see ourselves in the mirror is important. If we look in the mirror and like what we see. Even if others don't like how I look, I still know I'm beautiful and can keep walking. How can I put women in touch with their beauty, women who've lived hard lives in the streets, if I don't first?

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Validated by Aiko from PATH (What does this mean?)

I have been working with Ava for almost a year as her street outreach case manager. After so many years of homelessness, AVA has finally made it home. As she transitions from homelessness to permanent housing, your support will help her not only feel more comfortable in her new home, but also in her community. Ava is a thoughtful, reflective, and inspirational woman who has big dreams to help others. It would be wonderful to see her receive this help.

About Aiko

As Associate Director of PATH San Jose, I help people experiencing homelessness access supportive services and move from streets to permanent housing. I have been working at PATH since 2012 and what I like most about my job is the opportunity to build relationships with clients, service providing… Read more