Vanessa from Chicago, IL

Working full-time & studying to be a teacher. Paying one fee will let me graduate!

Working in a community-based Early Childhood Center, my resources are limited and I need some assistance with paying for my classes.

My need and situation

I am a part-time student and full-time Administrative Assistant and Teacher's Aid at a non-profit Early Childhood Center. I am a member of LSNA's Early Childhood Cohort and Center for Changing Lives Financial program.

My goals are to obtain my Associates in Early Childhood Education and eventually apply as a Chicago Public School teacher.

As a result of working in a community based Early Childhood Center resources are limited and I need some assistance with paying for my classes. In order to continue I need to cover one fee to enroll in the coming semester.

Meeting this need will help me because it will allow to maintain my current position and in the future allow me to advance within my agency, as well as apply for a position at Chicago Public Schools.

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Validated by Jeanette from Center for Changing Lives (What does this mean?)

I met Vanessa through our Early Childhood Initiative at Center for Changing Lives. She has engaged in one on one financial coaching in order to finance her associates degree. Together we have applied for several scholarships in Early Childhood. She was selected as a Gateways scholarship recipient, a huge accomplishment! Unfortunately, due to state budget issues, this money was not awarded to her and she is currently awaiting news regarding this funding. Additionally, Vanessa is a tremendous leader in Early Childhood and actively participates in LSNA's Early Childhood Cohort.

About Jeanette

I serve as the Early Childhood Initiative Financial Coaching Coordinator at Center for Changing Lives. As a finanical coaching coordinator, I build and maintain relationships with Early Childhood Education Centers (ECE) to provide one on one and group financial coaching to workers, parents, and… Read more