Indra from Rockford, IL

Recently moved to protect my kids. Beds will allow them to sleep soundly again.

After dangerous mold forced my family to move, we are without furniture! Beds will allow my kids to get the rest they need to grow up healthy.

My need and situation

I am a single mother raising three children and a grandchild in my home. I am a hard-working, dedicated woman who always provides for my family's needs.

My goals are to obtain my nursing license in the near future in order to make a better living to support my family. I would also like to ensure that my family is in a safe and healthy home.

I need furniture and beds for me and my children due to a crisis that recently occurred. I had to leave all of my belongings behind.

Meeting this need will help me because my children and I will have a place to sleep at night and be in a more comfortable environment. We have a beautiful home, but now we need to fill it!

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Validated by Jordyn from La Voz Latina (What does this mean?)

I have been working with Indra and her family since she was referred to our Family Advocacy Center for crisis intervention. Indra became ill and when she went to the hospital they found mold bacteria in her lungs. Her two sons were also sick due to the mold. An investigation was held in her home to figure out where the mold was coming from and it turns out that it was throughout her home in the walls. Indra moved immediately to a new home so that she was in a safe and healthy environment for her children. However, she was told she had to leave all of her belongings, furniture, beds, and clothes due to the mold. Indra has a new and stable home for her family but does not have additional income for furniture and beds. Indra and her family would highly benefit from getting this need met, and would be greatly appreciative.

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My job title is Family Advocacy Center Supervisor. The FAC is responsible for providing intensive case management to families in need. Services are to promote permanency by maintain, strengthening, and safeguarding the functioning of families in order to: to prevent substitute care placement;… Read more