Grace from Tucson, AZ

I came to the US to work as a nurse. A laptop will enable me to get there.

When I'm not in my nursing program, I work as a caregiver 3 days a week. A laptop would enable me to earn my degree while still making a difference.

My need and situation

I am 29 and I came to the USA In 2015. I am currently attending Pima Community College to obtain my Licensed Practical Nurse certificate. I am married and live with my husband who is also attending Pima as a full time student.

My goals are to get my Bachelors in Nursing so I can work in a hospital. I like to help people and back in Africa I worked in Clinical Psychology and was able to make a difference in children and adults' lives. I want to continue this with nursing.

I need a laptop so that I can do my homework. It is easier to have one especially when I work on call as a Caregiver Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. I don't have time to catch up at the college any other time.

Meeting this need will help to stay caught up with my school work and not fall behind. The library makes this difficult in that they close early on Fridays, which is the day I am on call. A laptop will make it a whole lot easier to do my exams and homework around my schedule. Any support will help. Thank you!!!

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Validated by Byron from Pima County One Stop Career Center (What does this mean?)

Grace was referred to Arizona @ Work Pima County to receive assistance through us for her LPN program. She is 3 months in the program now and is doing an excellent job so far and will continue to do so until she completes her tainting. Obtaining a laptop would make her life easier in that she could be more flexible in her studying hours. Her work is on call so she may have to stop what she is doing at the library to go into work. Thanks for taking your time to help her out.

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I am a Workforce Development Specialist employed by the Tucson Urban League to work at the Pima County One-Stop Career Center. I am part of an inter-agency team providing career development services for adult job seekers. I assist participants to develop an individual employment plan based on an… Read more