Grace from Chicago, IL

Car repairs so I can look for employment

I need to get my car repaired so I can have a reliable source of transportation to look for and get to and from work.


Grace's statement on hearing her need has been funded: Feb 13, 2012

To all my donors I would like to thank you very kindly for generous donations.  Without your donations I would not have a running car.  I really appreciate your help from the bottom of my heart.  It is nice to know there are kind people still out there in the world.


Having a reliable means of transportation will make it so that I am able to get to the places where I am seeking employment. Right now, my job experience is limited to airports, food/beverage/hospitality and general labor. In the Chicago area, these postions are located outside of the city limits and away from easy pubic transportation from where I stay, which means I have to travel for an application and/or interview. Having access to a vehicle cuts down on the commuting time which also means I have more time at home with my son. My car needs two side mirrors, the trunk latch replaced and a tune up. Once my car is repaired, I feel confident I will be able to secure a job.

Once I am back in the workforce I will have the means to pay for my own housing. Having my own housing means I get to reunite with my son. This will give me peace of mind. From there, I will be able to focus on enrolling in school next spring. This will allow me to move forward with my goal of studying microbiology.

I need to find a job.  To find a job, I need to be able to get to and from interviews, most of which are not near public transportation.  Without a job, I can't look for permanent housing, my son can't receive susbsidized childcare, and I can't move forward towards my goal of enrolling in college. Getting my car fixed is one of the most important things I can do right now because I am unable to go to interviews with my car the way it is.  My car is simply not safe.

Having a steady income will allow me to put money down on an apartment, as well as (re)enroll my son into daycare. With my son not being in daycare, it limits the amount of time I have to search for not only a job but housing as well.

I am a single mother of an 11 month old son. I recently lost my job which resulted in my son no longer qualifying for the daycare program he was in. Shortly after losing my job I was forced to move from my mom's and into the shelter where I am now staying. Fortunately, my son was able to stay at my mother's which, at least, means he has a safe roof over his head. 

I miss being around my son as often as I would if we were living together. Even though my son stays with my mother I still am his primary caregiver. My time is split between my mom's and the transitional home so I am able to take care of my son. Even though he lives with my mother I still take him to where he needs to go, in addition to the basic mothering needs he requires. Every day I make sure he eats, is bathed, his clothes are washed, and he is read to. I never leave before he falls asleep.

I am committed to improving my quality of life so that I can move forward with my goal of returning to school next spring, finding a job and getting an apartment for my son and me. I would like to get a degree in microbiology.

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Validated by Patricia from Bethel New Life (What does this mean?)

I first met Grace in her second trimester of her pregnancy in 2010. This was her first pregnancy.  Grace is currently living in a shelter and she aspires to continue her education by returning to school in the fall.  Grace has been interviewing for jobs and hopes to get a phone call soon stating that she will be hired. Grace needs her car in order to get to job interviews in her field of work, hospitality, and to take her son to and from her mother's house and appointments. I informed Grace about Benevolent and I will keep in touch with her to follow her progress and assist her in any way I can.

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