Robert from Chicago, IL

I moved to pursue a trade career. I need equipment to find work as a welder!

I'm learning welding skills at JARC; before I can start work, I need safety equipment. Working as a welder will let me be financially independent.

My need and situation

My name is Robert. I am a current student at Jane Addams Resource Corporation in the Welding Fast Track Program. My dream always has been to work in the trades but I never had the opportunity to do so. So, I recently move from Florida to Chicago in order to purse this goal.

My goal is to be financially stable enough to live on my own and be independent. I also will like to move on from working in retail and go to the welding industry.

To complete this goal, I will need the necessary equipment like a welding jacket, gloves, helmet and steel toe boots. These items will allow me to do the job safely.

Meeting this need will help me because it will be easier to get a job in welding and also will allow me to purse my career to the best of my abilities.

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Validated by Gustavo from Jane Addams Resource Corporation (What does this mean?)

I have known Robert for about 5 months now. I really cannot say enough good things about Robert's initiative, dependability, and drive while at JARC. I really think funding this need will definitely go a long way for Robert; he has always been so honest and clear about what he’s looking for, and it would be great to see him receive this help.

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My job title is Income Support Specialist. My work involves providing assistance and screen, counsel, and serve individuals and/or families for public benefits also I appeal, facilitate, and secure benefits for eligible participants. I have been at JARC since September 2013 and enjoyed every… Read more