Joel from Bronx, New York

Looking for work! The library is hard to reach; with a laptop I can apply for jobs.

I want to find work so I can keep my lease. The library is very far from me; with a basic laptop, I'll be able to apply for jobs more often!

My need and situation

My name is Joel I am a 28 years old and unemployed. The relationship I was in recently ended (we shared household expenses including rent) and I am near the end of my lease and hoping I do not have to go into a shelter.

My goals are to find employment and get permanent housing. I was previously employed at a animal hospital, but willing to take any job that becomes available.

I need a laptop computer to use daily to send out my resume during all hours not just library hours. The library is very far from my house and finding transportation is difficult for me because of my unemployment situation.

Meeting this need will help me improve my chances on getting employment. Once I’m employed, I’ll be able to secure housing for myself.

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This need has been validated by PO Jelani from NYC Department of Probation

PO Jelani


Validated by PO Jelani from NYC Department of Probation (What does this mean?)

I Know this client through my co-worker P.O. Anderson. Joel is going through a lot, his relationship has just ended and his finances are in bad shape. If the need that Joel is asking for is met, he will be in better shape for employment opportunities.

About PO Jelani

My job title is Probation Officer Assistant. My work involves providing help for clients that are on probation with comprehensive case management services. The services include finding programs that is best suited for the client including mandated programs by the courts. I also assist clients in… Read more