Michael from Chicago, IL

I'm a new high school grad and I need a laptop to study accounting in college this fall

I'm going to Baldwin Wallace University. If I have a laptop, I'll be able to succeed because I'll be able to do research and have the programs I need.


Thanks from Michael: Sep 9, 2013

I'd just like to thank all the donors who helped me get a computer before I went off to college. I'm really excited and grateful for the opportunity because now my grandmother doesn't have to worry and I can get my work done. I know my classes will be challenging, but now that I have my own computer I can learn in my own space to help me be successful. Thank you!

Thanks from Ty: Sep 9, 2013

Thank you to everyone who donated to Michael's request! For him to have a computer as a new college student is extremely important to his success. Michael expressed to me that now since he has a computer, he can focus on his homework in his dorm room or in the library where he can really concentrate and learn the challenging material for school. Michael is grateful for all of your help!

Photo of Michael with his new computer: Sep 9, 2013


I need a laptop to help me research and do homework in college.

My goal is to get an education and graduate college with a degree in accounting then pursue a career at a well known accounting firm. Meeting this need will help me because I will be able to buy a laptop that will ease the stress of trying to find a place to do my homework.

My current situation is that I live on the south side of Chicago with my ailing grandmother who works very hard to support our family after losing our suburban home to a fire. Next year I will be attending Baldwin Wallace University where I will experience the challenges of higher education. I need a laptop to handle the work load in college. My grandmother is a very hard working woman that has other obligations and can't afford to buy me a laptop.

Right now, my biggest challenge is finding the funds to pay for a laptop. The toughest thing I face is being nervous about not having the necessary materials I need before leaving for college.

I'm most proud of graduating 4th in my class and the hard working support system that I have backing me up.

I think of myself mostly as a humble young man with a kind heart that wants to help people.

Something interesting about me is that I love to play squash.

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Validated by Ty from Metrosquash (What does this mean?)

I have known Michael for 8 months now, since I started working at METROsquash. Although we have only known each other since October 2012, Michael welcomed me to the team with open arms, and has shown to be a wonderful leader to his peers and younger students; he is such a personable young man.

I think meeting this need is important because a computer is essential for Michael to succeed in college. Getting to college is one achievement, but making it through college is another; Michael needs all the right tools to triumph. He is a hardworking young man who has faced much adversity at home, therefore providing him with a lap top will allow him to reach one of his personal goals-- graduating from college.

This will move the recipient's life forward by helping him graduate from college. Beating the odds is so important to Michael, and he has expressed that he will work hard to do so. A computer would give him access to many resources he needs to achieve.

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