Maria from Charlotte, NC

I'm a hard working mother. I need a small freezer for my business to improve our family's income

I need a freezer for my family's ice cream cart business. Then our business will grow and provide more for our family. Without it, we'll lose money.


"You have been my blessing!" Oct 22, 2013

I, Maria, want to thank first the Benevolent program because you helped me get my freezer. That is my income and I will be using it during the winter time to save meat and the products I use. I am very thankful. Thank you also for the extra Ice cream you got me. Thank God I am ready to work and good bless you a lot and blessings to the people that helped me reach my dream of continuing to work for me and my family. I have no words to express how happy I am. You have been my blessing.



What my family needs at this time is 1 freezer to store the ice cream. The freezer will store the ice cream that we have not sold that day and also be used for storage for more supplies of ice cream.

I am asking for help to get another freezer so that we can grow our business and provide more for our family. My husband and I have had our own business selling ice cream from carts for almost a year. We saw this past winter that we had to throw out product because everything didn't fit in our one freezer. This was very bad for our business. We lost money and then had to spend more to buy more product.

Getting another freezer would help us buy more products for lower cost. It will also help us have a variety of product in addition to giving a place to store the product so that we don't have to throw out what we don't have space for. This is very important as we prepare for winter. To improve our income, we need another freezer.

When I came to the United States, I first started working in the food industry. I worked for other people in their food truck and various seasonal jobs. However, we didn't feel we were treated fairly and the schedule was very hard to maintain, so we started our own microbusiness. I have always had the discipline that is needed to have my own business and and am very motivated to do more.  

My family works together in our microbusiness. We work by selling ice cream from a cart. During the summer we work every day, selling ice cream from 10 am until dusk on the streets in Charlotte.

I have five children who also help when they are not in school. My husband works with the other three, while I work the other cart with my other two children. In the time when school is in session, my husband starts work at 10am while I wait for my oldest daughter to come home from school so that she can take care of the baby who is two years old. Once my daughter gets home, I go to work.

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Validated by Luisa from Latin American Coalition (What does this mean?)

I first met Maria and her family when she came to our office a while ago. During our intial conversation, we talked about their business and how they work as a family together.  I think meeting this need is important because I know how hard wokring she is and how she wants to proivide more for her children as any good mother does. A small freezer would enable them to grow their business and save money on product in ways they couldn't before.

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