Margaret from Portland, Maine

With a mobility scooter, Margaret will be able to adapt to life with ALS.

Margaret has always supported others through her work-- now we want to support her and her family through this challenge.


Margaret is a caring and dedicated friend of The Fedcap Group. She's a devotee of arts and poetry, and a mother of two loving sons. Margaret has a kind soul and her presence has been a blessing as long as she has been involved with The Fedcap Group.

We are heartbroken that Margaret was recently diagnosed with ALS. While she needs many things, a mobility scooter will allow Margaret to remain mobile and active as she fights this disease.

We are looking to raise $1,000 to pay for a good quality mobility scooter, which will make things much easier for Margaret and her family by allowing them to focus on other parts of her treatment.

We hope this will be a way to recognize Margaret's kindness and her giving spirit-- she has helped so many others through her involvement with The Fedcap Group, and we feel it is only right if there is a way to help her in her own time of need.

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Need funded!

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Validated by Lorrie from The Fedcap Group (What does this mean?)

Margaret has been a friend to The Fedcap Group for over 8 years. She gives whatever she has to support others—and now we are needing help to support her.

About Lorrie

I am the Chief Strategy officer of The Fedcap Group.

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