Kindra from Charlotte, NC

I'm a single mom and I've been offered a job! I just need a laptop & internet access to take it

I need a laptop & internet access to take a position I was offered. A steady paycheck will allow me to secure housing for my family and move forward.


Kindra gets interviewed on HLN!! Jan 22, 2014

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Meeting this need will help me secure the job that has been offered to me, secure housing, and start providing a better life for my children. My goal is to be able to provide the things my kids need at my budget and to keep a stable home for my childern. This will also allow me to move forward in a better career opportunity.

My current situation is I am in a based upon income program and right now my annual income is under the requriements. This computer or lab top with internet access it will allow me to have a better job making more money to prevent the loss of my home. I put 100% into everything I do. I dont mind working hard and I accomplish all things needed in a timely manner.

I'm from Charleston, South Carolina and have lived in Charlotte for 9 years. I'm a very outgoing person and am happiest when things around me are in order and going smoothly. I'm most proud of my three children, ages 9, 3, and 8 months. I'm a single mother, but I'm trying to better my family by getting a job that will allow me to support them all financially.

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Validated by Leah from Grace-Mar Services Inc. (What does this mean?)

Kindra and I met when she attended one of our training classes back in September 2012. I think meeting this need is important because no parent should be in constant fear of homelessness when they are doing all that they can but there are hinderances beyond their control. Being in position to maintain housing for her children and also provide a more study flow of income is a great reason to assist with the need.

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I am the Job Developer/Recruiter for Grace-Mar Services. I started as a volunteer in September of 2012, and have been an employee since June 2013. My work involves contacting and scheduling candidates for interviews and assessments; creating and posting available job listings; making necessary… Read more