Theresa from Detroit, MI

I am a community-oriented mother in need of a washer and dryer which will help me save money

A washing machine and gas-heated dryer will allow me to save money. I currently go to the laundry mat, but the expense adds up.


Thank You from Theresa Dec 16, 2013

I want to thank you for your donation to my family.  With the funds that you gave, I was able to purchase a washing machine and dryer for our home.  They both have worked wonderfully, and this has really taken a huge burden off of me.  I no longer need to wash our clothes by hand, or try to go to a laundromat to keep our clothes clean.  My children and grandchildren attend school each day with fresh, clean uniforms.

Once again, I would like to thank you for your generosity.  I greatly appreciate what you have done for our family.  I would also like to thank Benevolent for making this possible.  Keep doing such good work and helping people. 


A washer and dryer will allow me to efficiently wash my children's clothes at night (when the laundry mats are usually closed) so they are ready for school in the morning. Since I am unable to work at this time, my goal is to still be successful at the tasks I can accomplish.  During the day I volunteer for a local community organization which has helped maintain my quality of life while unable to work.  As a result, I am often times unable to get to the laundry mat before it closes or I don't have the money available at the time washes need to happen.  At this point I am washing my kids' uniforms by hand.

I am currently on long-term disability due to an injury on the job a few years back. As a result, my mobiliy is limited so I cannot move from one place to another quickly.  This is a disadvantage when it comes to laundry because my kids'clothes constantly pile up but I am unable to get to the laundry mat to wash them on a consistent basis.  My limited income also restricts me from visiting the laundry mat when needed as well.   I go to the landromat when I have extra money, but it's rare that I ever have have extra money.

Outside of my laundry situation, I'm happiest when I'm with my children and am proud when they do well in school.  I know clothes matter to them and clean clothes matter to me, so a new washer and dryer would satisfy all of us.

I live in Detroit and am currently unemployeed due to a medical disability.  I am, however, active in my commmunity and volunteer with the Maintaining A Neighborhood (MAN) network.

I have five children and three grandchildren and my top priority is ensuring they are well cared for and able to move through life successfully.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Khari from Black Family Development

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Validated by Khari from Black Family Development (What does this mean?)

We met when I began working with the family in September of 2013. Theresa had previously signed up three of her children to receive services through our program.

I think meeting this need is important because it will allow Theresa to efficiently complete a regular chore that has become time-comsuming and costly, thereby allowing her to focus again on her volunteer work that she really enjoys.

I have found her to be very resourceful and self-sufficient, often being aware of programs before I am even able to notify her.

About Khari

I am a case manager at Black Family Development. My work involves locating and referring families to resources to help them with their material and other needs, to help the family overcome obstacles. What I like most about my job is being able to bring families items and information that they… Read more

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