Roberto from Berkeley, CA

Homeless, but now employed, I need uniforms to keep my new job

I’ve been homeless, but have just started a new job. Having a supply of clean uniforms will help me keep this job and find housing.


Thank you from Berkeley Food & Housing Project Mar 12, 2014

Roberto's validator, Crystal, would like to thank all the donors to Roberto's need:

Roberto continues to work as a Stock Clerk for the 99 Cent Store.

He would like to thank and all of the donors who contributed to his need for working wardrobe.

As the Employment Service Specialist-Validator, I would also, like to thank and the donors who believe in change, in which they supported the need of Roberto.


I need a week's worth of uniforms that I can alternate through for work. This includes 6 pair of Khaki pants, 6 Green polo shirts, and water resistant work boots. 

My current situation is I am homeless living on the streets. My wife is also homeless with all of her kids no longer in her custody. The children were taken away by CPS and given to the father. My wife relocated to work in Alameda County and is on one year leave right now as a result of an injury. We have had no income for some time now. Last week I was just offered a job and need the uniform as a prerequisite. Being that the company knows I am working with BFHP to get a uniform they have allowed me to start.

Meeting this need will help me because it will allow me to sustain employment. It will mean that I will have sufficient footwear to work in the freezers and I will be able to change my uniform daily and wash them all on the weekend.

My goal is to find low income or below market rate housing and move my wife and I into the housing so that she can go back to her job. Then we will attempt to get the kids back into our custody.

I very much appreciate everyone's consideration, donations, and would like you to know that without any assistance my dire situation would be perpetual.

I'm from Contra Costa County California. I am homeless and living in a place not meant for habitation. I have a great work ethic and I pride myself in my perseverance. I'm happiest when I achieve success completing the goals I set for myself. I'm most proud of my current employment status.

I have lived a tough life making some mistakes and with the right opportunities I am finding that I am capable of becoming a great person. Homelessness and poverty have oppressed me to the point that I wanted to give up, however I chose not to and finally things are going my way.

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This need has been validated by Crystal from Berkeley Food and Housing Project

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Validated by Crystal from Berkeley Food and Housing Project (What does this mean?)

We met when the client came in asking for assistance with housing. They requested help getting into a shelter. I think meeting this need is important because this will lead Robert on his way to becoming financially self sufficient. With his employment he will be able to help his wife then gain her employment back, thus increasing the household incomes and then will in turn allow them to become housed.

I believe in Roberto 100%. He has proven that he is willing to pursue employment and capable of gaining it. He has made all of our appointments and is in good standing with his job so far.

About Crystal

My job title is Employment Specialist. My work involves providing employment services to the homeless. This entails providing soft skills workshops, job readiness, resume and cover letter building, mock interviewing, and job development. We also provide transportation and many times interviewing… Read more

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