Danielle from East SF Bay, CA

I'm a single mother who needs furniture and household goods to care for my children

I am recently divorced and lost a lot of items in the transition. I work part-time, but need a mattress, pots, and pans to care for my kids.


Thank you from Danielle Jan 24, 2014

Danielle has sent us this note to share:

I feel such a sense of happiness to know that someone I don't know, helped me. A lot of people around me have lost hope in society, they think that no one has compassion any more. The Michael Chavez Center, Benevolent, and my donors prove different. I will use this experience to give hope to others that are down.


Such a weight is lifted off my shoulders, I keep thinking I'm going to get a comfortable bed, I am going to have the best sleep now and no more back pain. I thank God and you all for this!


I need a bed and household items, including a mattress, pots and pans.

Meeting this need will help me because I will be able to sleep better, be more efficient at work and I can cook meals for my children.

My goal is to become more involved in my job, move to full time employment, be a positive role model for my children, provide them what they need and be independent.

My current situation is I recently divorced and I work part-time. I lost a lot of items and furniture during this transition and in the move. I am now living on my own in an apartment with my children.

I'm from Lynnwood California, and I now live in Concord. Something interesting about me is that I can sing! I'm happiest when I am dancing with my kids. I'm most proud of my brain capacity.

I have three beautiful children who really look up to me. I plan to live to live a life dedicated to helping others.

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This need has been validated by Nati from Michael Chavez Center & Monument Community Partnership

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Validated by Nati from Michael Chavez Center & Monument Community Partnership (What does this mean?)

We met when Danielle first came to our agency. I think meeting this need is important because Danielle is in a challenging phase of her life. She is dedicated to her work and her children. Danielle deserves to have a bed to sleep in and needs the basic kitchen items to cook meals for her children.

Danielle is very smart and talented who loves her children and does so much for our organization and for our team and her work has an impact in the community.

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