Angela from Chicago, IL

I'm ready to get my GED! I need help with the exam cost to better support my family

I have finished my GED class and am ready to take the exam! I need help with the exam cost so I can take the next steps to obtain employment.


Angela's validator, Kimberly, sends her gratitude: Jan 8, 2014

I'm so excited for my client. I know that this is the beginning of a great year for her.


I need help with the fee to take my GED exam. Meeting this need will help me be able to get a better job and be able to take care of myself. My goal is to take the GED exam and take the next steps to obtain employment. I want to be able to better provide for myself and my family.

My current situation is that I don't have a job or money to pay for the exam even though I have finished the class.

I'm from Chicago and I live in the Pullman area.

I'm most proud of my daughter attending college. I'm happiest when I'm accomplishing my goals and something interesting about me is that I decided to go back to school at 39.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Kimberly from Mercy Housing Lakefront

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Validated by Kimberly from Mercy Housing Lakefront (What does this mean?)

I met Angela when she became a client of mine through our employment program. I think meeting this need is important because it will help Angela to move on to bigger and better goals. 

About Kimberly

My current job title is Resident Services Coordinator and that involves assisting clients with employment opportunities and overall self-sufficiency. What I like about my job is making a difference in the lives of others and helping them to aspire to their greater good.