Mahammad from Oakland, CA

I am an Afhan immigrant. I need a laptop for school & to keep in touch with family.

I am in school and just started working. A laptop will allow me to study at home, and let my family Skype with family in Afghanistan.


Thank you from Mahammad Mar 12, 2014

Mahammad has sent this note of thanks:

I want to say thank you to those people who helped me. I am beyond happy that nowadays there are still good people who want to help. I whole heartedly thank you! Thank you for your assistance I can now stay in contact with relatives and friends :) Many thanks!

And from his validator, Samantha:

We are overjoyed by the amount of support that was given to Mahammad. He has been working hard to support his family and in the near future would like to pursue his education goals. He and his family are very happy and thankful. Thank you for your support!


My current situation is i just started working my first American job two months ago, trying to provide for my family. I also have plans to begin evening adult school classes, so a laptop would help me a lot keeping up with assignments that need to be typed.

I need a laptop computer. Meeting this need will help me because, not only will this help me with school, but it will allow me and my family to continue to stay in contact with family and friends back home in Afghanistan. Calling family costs more then what we can afford to spend right now, plus talking to someone is not the same as being able to see them, to really make sure they are alright. We can also use Skype and other free internet services to communicate with friends and family.

My goal is to finish school on time. Having limited resources, like a computer/laptop, makes that goal a bit more difficult, especially when I get home from work after the local library closes. Having a computer will not only help me complete assignments, it will and allow my family some fun!

I'm from Afghanistan, and now live in Oakland, California. Something interesting about me is that I used to play soccer in Moscow. I'm happiest when I am eating dinner with my family. I'm most proud of myself when I work hard and see the results. I really enjoy playing soccer and spending time with my family and friends. I care a lot about my family and work hard to provide for my parents, and to make our adjustment in the States more comfortable.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Doug from International Rescue Committee (Nor-Cal, Oakland)

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Validated by Doug from International Rescue Committee (Nor-Cal, Oakland) (What does this mean?)

We met when Mahammad and his family joined our Oakland office in September of this year. Soon after, Mahammad signed on for the IRC's Employment Program. Within weeks of this he began working his first American job to help support his family.

I think meeting this need is important because not only will he be able to work on school assignments, this will also benefit the family. During their transition to their new life in the United States, I know it would be nice for them to occasionally see and talk to familiar faces.

Mahammad is very smart, hard-working and cares tremendously about his family and providing for them. I think from all the hard work he is doing supporting his family at such a young age, he would appreciate any help to make this need come true for his family.

About Doug

My job title is Employment Supervisor at the International Rescue Committee. I oversee the employment department at the international rescue committee. What the Employment Program does is provide vocational counseling, resume preparation, jobs class, job search and placement services, and financial… Read more

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