Batista from East SF Bay, CA

I am a father who needs beds and winter clothing for my 3-year-old twins who now sleep on the floor

We were homeless, but now have a place. I work part-time but cannot afford these things to keep my boys warm this winter.


Thank you from the Michael Chavez Center Feb 5, 2014

This note comes from Nati at the Michael Chavez Center:

Batista just found a job this month! You helped their family purchase a microwave, pots, other household items, shoes and clothing for their children, they used the money they saved for their rent and food. It made a big difference for Batista's family to receive this help during this difficult time


I need furniture and winter clothing. This includes a bed for the twins, a microwave, and winter clothes for the twins.

Meeting this need will help me because we need these things and we currently cannot afford to buy them. It's getting cold and my children are sleeping on the floor.

My current situation is that we are in our own place now, but my work has slowed and my wife works part time. We don't have any furniture and we sleep on the floor, my twins need clothing for the winter and we need a microwave to heat up the food.

My goal is to increase my hours and find more stable employment to keep our apartment, to be able to pay rent and to have the things we need for our kids like furniture and clothes.

I'm originally from Brazil and moved to California, where I live now in Concord. Something interesting about me is that I enjoy soccer. I'm happiest when everything is going well and I am working. I'm most proud of my twin boys.

I have a set of twin boys who are three years old, I am very proud of them!

Besides liking soccer, I actively involved in my church and participate in a men's support group who have helped me get through stressful times.

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This need has been validated by Nati from Michael Chavez Center & Monument Community Partnership

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Validated by Nati from Michael Chavez Center & Monument Community Partnership (What does this mean?)

We met when Batista applied for our Day Labor and Worker program. I think meeting this need is important because the family just secured housing and cannot afford other things like beds for their children, winter clothing, or other small household items.

Batista and his wife have struggled to secure an apartment after almost being homeless, they are focusing on increasing their income to provide and keep a home for their kids.

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